BRM Institute Membership Value Realization Roadmap

You just joined BRM Institute as a Professional Member and are wondering what is the fastest way to realize the value of your membership or, perhaps, you have been a member of the Institute for some time, but would like to see what other resources might be available to you. We thank you for your support and are delighted to assist you! Here is the BRM Institute Membership Value Realization Roadmap we designed to help get you started:

  • Review Upcoming Events schedule to register for an upcoming webinar or a featured class.
  • Log in to our Online Campus and explore what it has to offer. While there, make sure to:
    • Access the BRM Benchmarking platform directly from the Online Campus and use the robust features of the platform to make comparisons between your organization and others around the globe, or between yourself and your fellow BRMs. 
    • Introduce yourself by post a note in the Member Hangout.
    • Browse the world’s most comprehensive and always up-to-date The BRM Interactive Body of Knowledge and watch it evolve daily and explore it for the latest in authoritative BRM insight.
    • Review BRM Institute Webinar Recordings Archive, which contains full-length recordings and slide decks for all our past webinars!
    • Find your purpose and make an impact on the global BRM community by volunteering.
    • If you like an article or post, post a comment or add a rating.
    • If you have an idea or suggestion on how to make our Online Campus even better, please share with us your ideas!
    • Need an expert opinion? Ask for it using our Ask An Expert page!
  • Review BRM News, a bi-weekly BRM Institute newsletter. The newsletter contains tips and useful articles for today’s Business Relationship Managers. Whether you’re new to the BRM role or already an expert, there will be some gems to discover here. We’ve created this publication to provide everyone—BRM Institute members and non-members alike—with information and helpful articles in the field of Business Relationship Management.
  • Download our free mobile app for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices (you can also search the respective app store for “BRM Institute” to find it).
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to assist you!

Business Relationship Management Institute proudly connects and serves a vibrant global community of BRM professionals all over the globe. Yet, it is only through the dedicated support of members like you that the Institute is able to reach out to and assist so many. We invite you to join us in co-creating the Institute, galvanizing professional BRM community, and advancing the art and discipline of Business Relationship Management!

  1. Join our Professional Business Relationship Managers LinkedIn group
  2. Visit BRM Institute’s official company page on LinkedIn
  3. Have you enjoyed your exploration thus far? Like us on Facebook!
  4. Follow us on Google+
  5. Chirp about us and follow us on Twitter!
  6. Visit and subscribe to our video channels on Vimeo and YouTube!
  7. To help interested members connect regardless of their location, we have replaced geographically rooted local chapters with location independent global virtual Communities of Interest. By now, we have several dozen of vibrant Communities of Interest facilitating member interactions based on a particular industry, geography, or interest. Join like-minded (and maybe not so like-minded) members who meet to discuss, collaborate, and share their insights in key areas of BRM knowledge and beyond.
  8. Feel ready to contribute? Wonderful! Here are some options for you to consider:
    1. Find your purpose and make an impact on the global BRM community by volunteering.
    2. Find a mentor or become a mentee of the BRM community.
    3. Become a BRMiBOK™ contributor
    4. Drop us a note, if you wish to host a webinar or write an article for our Blog or other publications.
  9. You have concluded that BRM Institute offers an incredible value to the BRM community. We are delighted to hear this! Then, perhaps, you would like to join the proud ranks of our Business Value Champions™ or advertise on our website? Thank you very much for your support!
  10. If you have significant BRM expertise, consider becoming a BRM Institute Registered Provider. Please contact us for details.
  11. Please feel free to ask us any questions (yes, we said this before, but we really mean it)!

You have already looked through the many resources we have to offer and are now ready to take your BRM skills to a radically new level or, perhaps, you and your BRM team need the help of an expert BRM consultant—we have just what you need:

  1. Consider attending a Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) class and becoming BRMP® certified.
  2. If you are already a BRMP® consider attending the more advanced Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) class and earning the corresponding certification, when available.
  3. Review the Upcoming Courses schedules published by our Registered Providers (RPs) and enroll in a class.
  4. Review our Directory of BRM Registered Providers to schedule a custom-tailored consulting engagement.
  5. And, please, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!

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