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Take the Hill at BRMConnect 2018

Take the Hill: Making the Most out of BRMConnect 2018


Now that BRMConnect is over, it’s time to reflect on what we’re bringing back to work with us on Monday. In his closing keynote on Wednesday evening, Kip Fanta, Principal of the Kip Fanta Group, challenged us to answer a simple question.

Culture: The Elephant in the Room


Every BRM can relate to the frustration of a failed transformation initiative. According to Cheryl White and Laura Wilcox of Service Made Simple, the historical success rate of traditional change management delivering the target ROI is less than 20%.

BRM Crowd - Industry Talk

From the Desk of the CIO – BRM Institute


Throughout the entire BRMConnect experience, we’ve heard from so many amazing BRMs and industry leaders. Each and every one of them offered unique perspectives and fresh insight, furthering the knowledge base of our community. This morning, Stephen Clemons from SMUD added icing to the cake!

BRM Awards

2018 Global Excellence Award Winners


After an exciting first couple of days at BRMConnect 2018, we are happy to announce this years Global Excellence Award Winners, the most prestigious awards in the BRM community. These standout BRMs received recognition for all the work they’ve done to advance the cause of Business Relationship Management worldwide.

BRM Purdue Agriculture

Journey of BRM: Purdue Part 4


In March 2018, the BRM Annual Report was distributed to college leadership. It is a vibrant contrast to our first report, a single page of event and task counts. The annual report illustrates our growth and maturity in a year. We are still learning, improving and, more importantly, moving forward.

BRM Behind a Desk

Business Relationship Management: Not Behind a Desk


When you think of “business” or “IT” you probably imagine some cookie cutter desk sitting beneath bright fluorescent lights in a large office building. It’s so easy for many roles to quickly become trapped in monotonous routine, seeing the same faces and holding the same conversations.

Find Your Purpose as a BRM

Find Your Purpose: Consider Your Passions and Take Action


In Glenn Remoreras’ keynote speech, he demonstrated how to find your purpose as a BRM. This is important because at the end of the day, the Heart of BRM is Purpose. Finding this resolve will help you identify how to push the boundaries of your contributions to generate Business Value.

BRMConnect 2018 Kickoff- Paradise Point San Diego!!


With 300 attendees from all over the world, this promises to be the most exciting BRMConnect yet! Set on a verdant island in San Diego, California, attendees can network, learn and teach in Paradise as they choose from 9 different tracks and 30 different sessions.


The Critical Importance of Titles and Leads in Our Writing


The quality and information contained in your writing doesn’t matter if no one ever reads it. As a leader and Business Relationship Manager, writing to convey a message or to impart knowledge is a necessary skill.

#IAmBRM: The Hurdles, Strengths, and Impacts of Business Relationship Management


When we look to the future of Business Relationship Management (BRM), we pay attention to what the leaders and trailblazers are doing in our community. In order to catch a glimpse into this realm of leadership, we turned to eight standout individuals to learn about their experience as BRMs. In this final article, we encapsulate the knowledge from these #IAmBRM leaders to share lessons on how you can grow as an individual and spread the message of BRM.

Impact at BRMConnect

Impact at BRMConnect


Carry the experience, knowledge, and tools you gain from BRMConnect back to your organization and out into the world.

BRM Councils – Your Tool to Change the Future of BRM


Business function leaders (IT, HR, Finance, external Service Providers, etc..) from around the world congregate to network and lead initiatives advancing the Business Relationship Management (BRM) profession through BRM Institute volunteer councils. Importantly, these councils play a pivotal role in the development of new ideas which help determine the future direction of BRM standards and profession.

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