CBRM Continued Professional Development (CPD) Expectations

The Continued Professional Development (CPD) Plan for CBRMs is a vital part of keeping your CBRM certification up to date. The certification is good for three years in which practitioners are required to complete professional development goals annually to further develop skill in Business Relationship Management. Find out more about the CBRM Certification maintenance requirements below.

CBRM Continued Professional Development (CPD) Expectations

Certified Business Relationship Manager Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Expectations: PART ONE (Sections 1-3, complete within 30 days of CBRM exam pass)

Membership access required for assessment visibility. If not a member, it is upon each CBRM to determine means/methods for annual assessment of BRM competency and BRM maturity. Member note: The assessment tools are available near the bottom of each page. Expand the categories to view performance at respective levels. For additional quality of assessment, request a review by a peer and/or business partner on the same criteria for a more 360-degree view.

  • Goal setting
    1. Based on the assessment, choose the areas that you will focus on as part of your development plan
    2. Define goals for each area (SMART goals)
    3. Seek sponsorship for goals (manager, business partner, someone invested in your success)
    4. Define value measurement plan

Note: There are no templates or requirements for format of your assessment, goals and/or value management plan. Each CBRM is encouraged to develop their own artifacts. Goals are thoughtful consideration in the selection of continuing development vs filling out a template or “checking the box”.

  • Development Plan design
    1. Design development plan around developmental goals
      1. 20 hours (minimum) training
        1. Courses to enroll in
        2. Conferences to attend
      2. Up to 20 hours professional development experiences
        1. Recommendations provided as part of assessment tool above
        2. Opportunities through BRM Institute
          1. Council participation
          2. Special projects
          3. Content authoring
        3. Additional experiences that relate to your goals
          1. Provide detail showing connection

Upon completion of Step 3, please fill out the form here. A repository will be created for your development files and a permission request will be sent to you for publication of your name in the Global Active CBRM Directory.   PART TWO (Section 4, complete over one-year period)

  • Execution
    1. Complete work defined by development plan
    2. Capture detail
      1. Dates attended/complete
      2. Quality assessment – high, average, low
  • Key learnings

PART THREE (Section 5, complete within 30 days of anniversary date)

  • Value management
    1. Total investment
      1. Hours
      2. Dollars
    2. Professional development return
      1. Key learnings
      2. Changed behaviors
  • Assessment impact
    1. At end of one-year period, conduct assessment from item 1
    2. Note that improvement in an area might not equal advancement to the next level. It may require longer than 12 months to advance
  1. Lessons learned to carry forward
  2. Use assessment for year-end review as foundation for coming year
    1. If performing at highest level
      1. Challenge to develop others
      2. Ensure a 360-view that validates highest level performance
      3. Challenge to break beyond the defined performance levels
    2. Create new plan – process repeats annually
CBRM® Certification Maintenance and Renewal Requirements

To maintain their CBRM certification, BRM practitioners are required to continuously develop and update their professional and interpersonal skills. To promote the ongoing learning and help track individual professional development progress, a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) based tracking scheme is incorporated in the CBRM certification lifecycle.
CBRM certification is granted for a 3-year period over which the certification holders are required to:

  • Complete the minimum of 40 CPDs every year (120 CPDs total over the 3-year certification period).
  • Pay the Certification Maintenance Fee (CMF) of $85 on the third anniversary of their CBRM certification. The CMF fee is waived for current Professional BRM Institute members.

Certification Maintenance Fee

The money received through payment of the $85 Certification Maintenance Fee will be used to cover administrative costs associated with maintaining and auditing the required records. BRM Institute will provide an online CMF payment functionality, but CBRM certification holders will also have an option of mailing the payment by check, along with the proof of their CPD credits. The CMF fee is waived for current Professional BRM Institute members.

CBRM Certification Status Review, Renewal, Suspension and Revocation

It is the responsibility of the CBRM certification holders to track the anniversaries and expiration date of their CBRM certification. No later than 30 days prior their CBRM certification expiration, the certification holders will be required to pay the CMF fee and submit a copy of the CMF payment receipt together with their CPD records via email, fax, or by mail to BRM Institute using the email address or fax number provided by the Institute. BRM Institute shall review the submissions within 15 business days (3 weeks) and perform one of the following four actions:

  1. Confirm CBRM certification renewal for another 3-year period.
  2. Mark the certification as “Review” pending collection of additional [missing] information or pending audit of the submitted documentation.
  3. If the certification holder fails to provide the requested information or otherwise satisfy BRM Institute requests within the 30 days period of the formal request notice, the CBRM certification will be put on “Suspended” status.
  4. If CBRM certification holder fails to submit the required CPD records, does not pay CMF, or fails to respond to BRM Institute requests for additional information during the review process, his or her certification shall be marked as “Expired” 30 days/1 month after the certification has been marked as “Suspended.”

APMG shall issue a renewed 3-year CBRM certificate for those CBRM certification holders whose credentials have been successfully renewed.


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