Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

BRM Institute is the world’s first Business Relationship Management professional association. We strive to provide our members and customers with the top products and services available and recognize that building a long-term business relationship with you depends a great deal on trust. This trust is founded by BRM Institute’s Code of Conduct, which sets Expectations and Responsibilities of Board members, Directors, Officers, Employees, Contractors, and Volunteers.

Business Relationship Management Institute, Inc.’s (“BRM Institute”) Values

BRM Institute endeavors to maintain a culture based on:

  • Open and honest communication;
  • Mutual respect;
  • Integrity and high ethical standards;
  • Collaborative work effort above individual contribution;
  • Treasuring and valuing cultures, opinions, and contributions, particularly in light of our global reach.

BRM Institute seeks to:

  • Make individuals feel appreciated;
  • Create an environment where professional and personal growth can occur by interacting and learning from other contributors;
  • Lead, support and facilitate effective use of individual contribution and time;
  • Recognize accomplishments of the employee, contractor and volunteer bodies and the parties who contribute to them.

Depending on your relationship with BRM Institute, you might have certain responsibilities outlined in the agreement applicable to your level of engagement with the Institute.  In addition, BRM Institute has compiled certain policies and procedures that reflect BRM Institute’s expectations of employees, contractors, and volunteers and a statement regarding the culture BRM Institute seeks to promote.  These documents include:

Additional policies and procedures may be added and/or changes made to this list (and its contents) from time as required by BRM Institute’s needs.  Please stay abreast of these policies/procedures and let us know if you have any questions. Please familiarize yourself with the other expectations and responsibilities listed below:

  • Become familiar with BRM Institute’s strategy and your role in supporting the strategy.
  • When required, attend and participate in meetings (in person or remotely, as appropriate).  If you are a volunteer, BRM Institute recognizes that you act as a volunteer and that your professional or personal commitments may prevent you from attending.  Please inform the appropriate person when you are unable to attend.
  • Participate constructively during meetings and activities.
  • Complete any tasks/projects you are asked to or that you volunteer to participate in and perform them in a timely manner.  When you encounter difficulties, please notify the appropriate person as soon as possible
  • Make constructive suggestions to improve the process and BRM Institute’s goals.
  • Respect and support decisions made including decisions for which you have a different opinion.

We thank you for your contribution and participation and set forth this Code of Conduct as a framework to promote excellence and exemplary conduct among everyone who works for or/and contributes to the Institute and helps to fulfill its mission.

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