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[White Paper] A Perfect Union: BRM and Agile Development and Delivery

Do organizations really need both BRM and Agile? In our latest white paper, expert BRM and Agile practitioners discuss the answer to this persistent question, along with how a strategic union of the two capabilities provides industry-leading results.

[White Paper] The Human Experience in the Digital Age

This white paper discusses how people worldwide are able to be human again with the help of digital capabilities, purpose-based social systems, and the rise of business relationship management.

[Research] Challenging the BRM DNA™: Common Skills of BRMs in the Industry

Read Business Relationship Management Institute’s latest piece of research on the connection between the BRM DNA model and the key factors to consider when building or hiring the ideal BRM.

Highly Requested Webinar Recordings:

Terri Mayes & Steve Plante

The world is waking up to the influence that culture has on Business Value Ability today and tomorrow. The purpose of this webinar is to demystify culture – what it is, why it is important and what BRMs can do in partnership with Leadership to forge it.

LaVerne H. Council, Managing Principal for Enterprise Digital Strategy and Innovation

BRM is not just about management – it’s creating, cultivating, growing, harvesting, and re-investing the rewards of deep business relationships.

Richard Pharro, APMG International

In today’s highly-digitized world, there is growing concern that important roles traditionally performed by humans will get replaced by technological functions. Richard Pharro discusses the unique skills, competencies, and business value BRMs bring to even the most tech-savvy organizations—because as of yet, there still isn’t an automated function out there that can replace the value of people working with people.

Glenn Remoreres & Vaughan Merlyn

Reviewing two of the core models that underlie the Business Relationship Management role, discipline and capability.

Joe Hayes, VP & CIO Prudential Group Insurance

Joe Hayes is known as a transformational IT strategist who creates business value through technology innovations and aligning IT to business objectives. He brings a blend of technical and business leadership, providing opportunities via IT that have delivered $134M in net operating income growth.

Paul Wilkinson

“IT has little understanding of business impact and priority.” and “Everything has the highest priority according to the users.”

Do you recognize these practices in YOUR organization? Paul Wilkinson, Gaming Works, will be revealing the Top 10 list of Attitude, Behavior and Culture (ABCs) in an effort to help BRMs prevent risk and value leakage.

Darrel Popowich, VP IT,  H&R Block Canada, Inc.

Today’s leaders of IT struggle with meeting the expectations of business stakeholders. Between the commodification of IT, Internet of Things, Apple Store, and cost cutting, these and many other trends create havoc when trying to deliver value to an organization. Then when the increasing pressure of security and privacy on those same organizations is added to the mix, it can even seem like the CIO is doomed to fail. Find out how IT at H&R Block navigates through these dangerous waters using BRM principles to achieve relationship success.

Joe Topinka, CIO Mentors

Too regularly, the stranglehold of deeply rooted habits hold us back from making real and lasting progress in our careers and in the companies we work for. This is the case for so many Business Relationship Management professionals that want to make a difference. In this session, Joe will describe the pragmatic methods and concepts that helps BRMs lead the way and break the shackles of the past and move organizations to a new level of thinking.

RJ Juliano, VP & CIO of Parkway Corporation

RJ creates environments where people enjoy working and customers and partners want to do business. He’s a member of executive management team leading the innovative and profitable integration of technology, marketing, strategy and operations.

Manish Sharma and Gerry Robinson

Manish Sharma is the head of Customer Success and Solutions, with responsibility of ensuring that every customer gets maximum business value out their engagement with H2O. This includes all stages of ideation to delivery and deployment of solutions within the target enterprise and working with the engineering and data science teams to maximize value for the client.

Stephen Hinde, IT Leader, Cargill

From BRMConnect 2016 in Amsterdam–Join Stephen Hinde as he discusses the process of developing a BRM capability that is positioned for convergence and strategic partnership, complete with challenges faced and critical lessons for success.

Zahid Afzal, Chief Information/Operating Officer of Capital Bank

Zahid has more than 26 years of experience as a senior Information Technology and business Executive for some of the top global and regional financial services and progressive technology companies including Capital Bank, Huntington National Bank, Bank of America, Broadslate Networks, Citibank, and MCI Telecommunications.