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Annette Nirode BRMConnect 2019

The World BRMConnect Conference is the only global, educational event held by BRMs, for BRMs. In anticipation of this year’s BRMConnect, happening in New Orleans from October 7th-9th, we interviewed top global BRMs. These leaders demonstrate how the BRM Philosophy drives recognized value in their organizations.

This week, we interviewed Annette Nirode, CBRM–Associate IT Business Services & Solutions Partner at Cleveland Clinic.

Building a Collaborative, Successful Work Environment

Annette fosters a collaborative environment in everything she does as part of her mission to encourage personal and professional growth. Her focus on the place of the individual within the team makes her colleagues feel appreciated; a foundation of any trusting relationship.

Additionally, she openly shares successes and improvement opportunities in order to drive the team towards even more impactful value delivery.

Annette works in the healthcare industry, for the Cleveland Clinic, where she leverages enabling technologies and relationships to add value to her clinician partners. Her team’s unique BRM capability drives value by adopting the role of “Business Partner” across HR, Finance, and IT. Thus, creating a BRM role that spans traditional functions across their organization.

Annette and her team truly embody the values of business relationship management.

How to Leverage an Advanced BRM Capability

In order to achieve shared ownership of results and strategy, a BRM must ensure that all business units and functional groups are meeting their goals. Therefore, advanced BRMs (rather than implementing outdated and value-depleting control measures) promote a culture of trust and collaboration across the organization.

“An advanced BRM can assist with training new BRMs, mentoring younger/less experienced BRMs, and ensuring leaders across their organization understand and value the role of the BRM.”

~Annette Nirode, CBRM®

As Annette explains, the best way a BRM can promote trust is by providing value in every relationship. That value may come from mentoring activities, training, or simply open communication; whatever the specific relationship needs most.

The Value of Professional Membership

As a BRM Institute Professional Member, Annette most values the global sharing of best practices. After all, human relationships share the same basic characteristics no matter where you are in the world. She loves being able to seek other BRMs for advice, especially through supportive BRMs in the Healthcare Community of Interest (CoI).

Click here to find a CoI related to your specific industry or geography.

Connecting with BRMs Around the World

Perhaps the greatest benefit of BRM lies in the World BRMConnect Conference. Annette earned her CBRM® and presented this past year as a Storyteller at the 2018 BRMConnect Conference. She shared her perspective on why BRMConnect is so important to both her and BRMs across the globe.

“The BRMConnect Conference was a great networking event and an opportunity to hear from executives across the world as to how they have successfully implemented a BRM program within their organization. In fact, I have remained in contact with several of the conference attendees and view them as trusted partners.”

~Annette Nirode, CBRM®

Like Annette, you can earn your BRMP®, CBRM®, be a Storyteller, and take advantage of many other opportunities at the 2019 World BRMConnect Conference. Attend the conference to gain a lifelong value-adding network of colleagues, partners, and friends through the BRM community.

Thank you, Annette, for demonstrating how to achieve, and drive value with, an advanced BRM capability. We look forward to seeing how you will continue to make an impact at BRMConnect 2019!

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