Danielle Dizes

BRM Institute Content Strategist and Editor, Knowledge Team Leader

Danielle-Yvonne “Dani” Dizes spent her early childhood immersed in a world of fantasy and intense daydreaming. A book worm from birth, she habitually reads several books a week and dreams of one day finishing her own.

Her love for helping people find and live their Purpose is rivaled only by her love of all things Tolkien.

Dani is the Knowledge Champion and Content Strategist for BRM Institute. She brings her passion for big-picture strategy, years of free-lance writing and editing to these roles. In addition, she incorporates her knowledge of science-based meditation and Mindfulness practices as she carefully guides BRM Institute’s content to reflect the global shift from Profit to Purpose.

An advocate for BRM as a Philosophy and Relationshipism (the management system housed within the BRM Philosophy), Dani works directly with the single, global BRM community to foster creativity, advocate for failure and spark chaos!

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