Sarah Ozahioglu, BRMP

Board Director Secretary and Knowledge Team Leader

Sarah‘s purpose in life is to help shape the world that we live in. Watching her two daughters grow up in a time where they don’t know the world without the Internet inspires her to leave a positive mark on society.
She really enjoys learning what’s going on in the world in terms of digital transformation and her passion is to help organizations solve big problems.

Sarah’s school of thought on success in life is straightforward; relationships and partnerships drive the world forward and simple always wins. She started off my career in the hospitality industry and to her, this is the biggest learning experience to date in her life. She learned right away that partnerships, trusting relationships, converging moments of truth and to show up as “one” entity is what distinguishes you from all the other options and competitors out there. During the 2007 US Recession, she was working in the hospitality industry in Florida and she saw hotel room rates plummet and a huge percentage of the workforce be let go in a very short period of time. Her strategy to keep a team of scared people focused was to concentrate on how we made people feel. If we made people feel important and satisfied their purpose, she knew we would be ok. People always remember how you make them feel. She implemented a VIP program and its objective was to gather all the information that they could on our guests so that when they returned, we could personalize their stay end to end; hopefully leaving a lasting impression on them. During those 12 months, they brought their hotel from 21st place to 2nd place in the intercontinental US for guest satisfaction scores during a time when we had no money to spend.

At this time, Sarah is a Senior Strategy Manager with TELUS leading one of the biggest evolutions within the organization. The business landscape has clearly changed, the demands partners have changed and Sarah says that we need to change too. Her responsibility is to be the best business coach she can be to help TELUS through their digital transformation. She is changing culture, language, not only thinking outside of the box but throwing the box out altogether, converging value depleting silos, developing a community of excellence, demonstrating the importance of creativity and ideation and establishing new KPIs (when you think different and do different, you need to measure different).

Sarah’s husband, daughter, and her love the outdoors and the ocean. They love sports, art, music, fashion and traveling. Her oldest daughter has a keen interest in taking care of the earth and the planets and reminds her every day that we need to just take care of the earth in the first place and not put band-aids on it. It’s her daughters that inspire her to think differently with their “art of possible” minds and every day they show her the power of creativity and ideation.

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