Tyrone Green, BRMP

Knowledge Team Leader and BRM Council Vice Chair

Tyrone has 21 years of experience in the IT industry. He is currently Senior Director at PepsiCo leading their Global BRM Practice and serving as BRM for IT. The BRM for IT role essentially focuses on internal IT initiative, ensuring value is delivered from such investments. Tyrone has been with PepsiCo for 18 years. His experience at PepsiCo has been vast. He has worked in many Supply Ops roles supporting the business from an IT development and delivery perspective. His Supply Chain functional area has included Raw Materials Replenishment Planning, Manufacturing Efficiency Systems, and Transportation Logistics. He has also led a team that enhanced and maintained our B2B transactional platform. His leadership of the team was during a critical time of stability issues and they totally turned out the solution and delivered the required stability to support the business. Most recently, Tyrone leads a team that delivers frontline mobile capabilities on iOS platforms (iPhone / iPad) to the Go-to-Market Sales team, while also co-leading the launch of the PepsiCo BRM Practice.

Those experiences have brought Tyrone where he is today. As Global BRM Practice lead, he am responsible for defining our Advancing the BRM Practice Forward strategy, plan, and setting our global objectives.

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