BRM Council

The BRM Council is an advisory group made up of BRMs from global enterprises affiliated with BRM Institute, all of whom have proven successes that envision a bright future for the field of BRM. As of 2016, the Council now boasts a growing number of over 50 dedicated members and six Leadership Team Vice Chairs. The BRM Council is committed to acting through valuable feedback from BRM Institute members worldwide, in order to support emerging needs and further the BRM discipline based on the expertise of those who know it best. The purpose of the BRM Council is twofold:

The primary goal of the BRM Council is to provide BRM Institute members with an extensive toolkit and unrivaled fellowship to enrich the practice of Business Relationship Management.

The BRM Council also seeks to provide all BRM Council members with business-wide recognition as industry leaders in the practical discipline of Business Relationship Management, with the unwavering support of BRM Institute.

To get a downloadable PDF overview of the BRM Council, please click here. For more information, to propose a candidate, or to be considered for nomination to the Council, please email or call us at +1.888.848.3012.

Sarah Fogg, CBRM

BRM Council Vice Chair

Glenn Remoreras, BRMP

Knowledge Team Chair, Board of Director and BRM Council Vice Chair

Tyrone Green, BRMP

Knowledge Team Leader and BRM Council Vice Chair

Pernilla Webber, BRMP

BRM Council Vice Chair and Secretary

Chris Lucas, CBRM

BRM Council Chair and Board Director