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Thanks to the roaring success of #BRMWeek 2018, we are pleased to announce #BRMWeek 2019! This year, we are making the week even bigger and better with relevant activities, stories and events to celebrate YOU as a BRM.

Here at BRM Institute, we recognize the hard work and successes of BRMs like you year-round—but do you?

Thus, during the week of February 10-16, 2019, treat yourself! Join us in honoring all of the work you do for your organization in a week-long celebration called World #BRMWeek! During this week, take the time to recognize your and your team’s tireless efforts to serve as a strategic interface between your business function and business partners.

Why not send your BRM team a token of appreciation, or take them out to lunch? After all, you deserve it!

IMPORTANT!! Don’t forget to post selfies of you and your team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, using the hashtag #BRMWeek. Let the world know this is your week to shine!

Want to take part in the festivities worldwide? Take a look at the week of events we have planned for you and your team below!


Individual: Recognize family and community around you.

BRM Team: Share personal impact and family/community successes.

Communities of Interest: Recognize your family/community.


Sign up for a Community of Interest
•Identify/share your personal purpose.

BRM Team: Identify/share your organization’s purpose.

Communities of Interest: Have a virtual or physical meetup and identify/share the COI’s purpose.


Encourage your C-level executives to attend the BRM Executive Brief Webinar

Individual: Share how you foster creativity.

BRM Team: Share how your team or organization fosters creativity.

Communities of Interest: Have a virtual or physical meetup and share the most creative solution to address a challenge.


Individual: Register for and attend BRM Institute Unplugged and be prepared to ask questions!

BRM Team: Listen to BRM Institute Unplugged as a team.

Communities of Interest: Have a virtual or physical meetup where you discuss the BRM Institute Unplugged session.



•What do you love about the BRM role?
•Write one affirmation for each BRM team member.

BRM Team:
•Affirmation Bucket: Share your affirmations in a group setting.
•What do you love about your:
1. Organization
2. BRM Team

Communities of Interest:
•Have a virtual/physical meet-up and brainstorm and determine how the CoI should recognize each other within the CoI


Nominate a BRM for our Community Excellence Award!
•Articulate your recognized value.

BRM Team:
•Go out as a team for team building event
•As a group, determine and articulate Recognized Value.

Communities of Interest:
•Have a virtual/physical meet-up and determine and articulate Recognized Value specific to the CoI.


Personal purpose + Business purpose + Societal Impact = Recognized Value


Individual: Volunteer!

BRM Team: Sign up or volunteer with BRM Team and/or family.

Communities of Interest: Recognize the impact the COI has made.

#BRMWeek is brought to you with help from the following BRM global community sponsors:

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